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      04/08/10 22:31, by Bruce & Pat Eckel, Categories: Main category

    Sunday, March 28 - It wasn’t a pretty day. It was cloudy, in the 40’s and rain was on the way. But Big Diamond Raceway was going to do whatever it took to get in their opening race of 2010. It was a two division show consisting of the big block modifieds and the ARDC midgets. Management moved up the starting time by two hours to beat the weather and warm-ups actually started prior to the 2:30 scheduled time. You can’t say they didn’t try. In 37 minutes they ran off 3 heats for the 31 ARDC midgets, 3 heats for the 28 modifieds and a consolation for the midgets. Unfortunately during the midget consolation it started to drizzle and while they were running it was okay but in the few minutes it took for the modified feature to line up on the track the surface was lost. There was a good field of cars on the track wanting to race but mother nature just would not cooperate. At 3:50 they had to throw in the towel as the drizzle intensified.

    If you ever been to Big Diamond Raceway it is like being on top of the world. As you look around at the surrounding mountains you are looking at the top of them. Many times in the past I have been at Big Diamond Raceway when there was lightning and rain all around us but it never made it up to Big Diamond. Well today we had the rain and within 5 miles of the track it was dry. It was dry all the way home. Some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug. Today we were the bug.

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